Turia DH DSA

Fire Door EI2 60 Double Leaf Double Opening Sense

Metallic doors Fire Doors Model Turia DH DSA
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Every leaf opens in the running direction. It is deal for hallways and busy passageways.

Double Leaf Fire door and Double Opening Sense with EI2 60 classification. The 63mm thick leaf is constructed with two 0.8mm steel plates assembled without welding. It assembles 3 hinges of their own design and CE marking.

The frame is a combination of the CS5, anchored to an outer profile called C7DS. It does not need a lever handle, lock or closing selector, but optionally they can be installed.


  • Anti-finger


  • 9010 White

    9010 White

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

  • Other RAL to select

    Other RAL to select


CAD drawings (dwg)

  • Double Leaf Door Double Way Opening TURIA 2200 x 2300 EI2 60