FONO-TURIA 6S1 Single Leaf EI2'60 and 36 dB

Firewall acoustic doors

residencia luz de aras cordoba puerta metalica batiente cortafuegos andreu

Model door that combines EI2 60 fire resistance with acoustic insulation of 36 dB thanks to soil strip.

Fire rated EI260 single leaf door with acoustic insulation up to 36 dB, tested under the Standards UNE-EN1634-1:2000, UNE-EN ISO 140-3:1995 and UNE-EN 1191:2000.

63mm thick leaf, comprised of two 0.8mm steel sheets, assembled with CS5 corner frame and equipped with 3 Andreu design hinges bearing CE marking.

The acoustic insulation is achieved thanks to a soil strip.


  • Anti-finger


  • PRE BL-A

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  • Stainless Steel

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