Neo 1 Single Leaf with Smoke seal S200 35-36 dB

Acoustic Multipourpose Door

residencia luz de aras cordoba puerta metalica batiente cortafuegos andreu

Multipurpose door with acoustic 35-36 dB performance, available in single leaf, tested under EN ISO 10140-2 and classified according to EN ISO 717-1 standards.

63 mm thick door leaf, composed of two 0,8mm steel sheets assembled to CS5 corner frame. Equipped with 3 in-house design hinges with CE marking.

Acoustic insulation is achieved by using the smoke kit.

Sound insulation is achieved by installing:

•D-shaped seal, placed in the inner perimeter of the frame.

•d-shaped strip, placed on the lower edge of the leaf and other seal on the upper part of the frame and on the hinges side of the leaf.

•Sill supplied loose for screwing or fixing to the floor.


  • Galvanized


  • Pre-lacquered BL-A

    Pre-lacquered BL-A

  • Other RAL to select

    Other RAL to select