Delta EI2 60 Single Leaf

Hinged fire door standard

Metallic doors  Model Delta fire doors, rf, ei 60, metal doors Andreu
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Basic and reliable.

This is a Single Leaf Fire door, easy to install and maintain. Its leaf comprises two 0.6mm thick steel sheets, assembled without welding.

With a 62mm thickness, it houses a combination of fire-resistant insulation materials in its interior that give it an EI2 60 C5 classification.

Available only in Single Leaf, with 2 CE marked hinges and an anti-crow bar bolt between them. It is supplied with CS5 corner frame, ready to install on site with mortar or with screws.


  • Galvanized


  • Pre-lacquered BL-A

    Pre-lacquered BL-A

  • Pre-lacquered GR-A

    Pre-lacquered GR-A

  • Other RAL to select

    Other RAL to select