Ensamblada Welding Union Double Leaf

Puertas Batientes Multiusos de Grandes Dimensiones

clinica veterinaria cebiovet lugo puerta metalica batiente multiusos andreu

It is the first Multi-purpose door of the Spanish market. Adjustable to any need and space.

This is the most versatile Multi-purpose door of the range. This door model defines the manufacturing system created in 1972; assembling the leaf without welding, starting from 2 steel plates.

It is manufacturable in a version of 1 or 2 leaves, with or without ventilation and in standard or special measurements. It is ideal to satisfy any kind of openness and space dimension.

38mm thick sheet, constructed with two 0.5mm thick galvanized steel sheets. It is available in CS4 corner frame or C70 wrapping frame. The set has two or three 2.5mm thick steel hinges, depending on the size of the door.


  • Galvanized


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