Neo Single Leaf

Multipurpose hinged doors standard

puerta metalica batiente multiusos neo andreu

Multi-purpose door with the robustness and aesthetics of a Fire door.

63mm thick leaf, assembled without welding, with two 0.7mm thick steel plates.

Versions of 1 and 2 leaves, with or without ventilation and with the possibility of special measurements and accessories.

It mounts 2 or 3 Fire door type hinges with CE marking and anti-crow bar bolts, on a 1.5mm thick CS5 frame. This one comes prepared with both talons with screw system to the door or to a specific sub-frame or directly to work. All this gives the door high mechanical strength.


  • Galvanized


  • Pre-lacquered BL-A

    Pre-lacquered BL-A

  • Pre-lacquered GR-A

    Pre-lacquered GR-A

  • Chestnut


  • Rustic Oak

    Rustic Oak

  • Other RAL to select

    Other RAL to select