Neo AAV 1 leaf 35-36 dB 2 - 00 - C3

Weather Performance Multipurpose Doors

Metallic doors  Model Puerta Multiusos con prestación acústica

Multipurpose door with acoustic 35-36 dB performance, level 2 air permeability, 00 watertightness and C3 wind resistance.

The air, water and wind (AAV) classification is achieved with one of the following solutions:

1.Embedded Threshold.

Formed by a D-shaped seal, placed in the inner perimeter of the frame, a d-shaped strip, placed on the upper part of the frame and leaf on hinges side, a flipper joint placed at the height of the lock between two leaves, a flipper joint on the upper part of the frame and a threshold embedded in the lower edge of the leaf.


  • Galvanized


  • Pre-lacquered BL-A

    Pre-lacquered BL-A

  • RAL frame

    RAL frame