Lex Meter Door COBO EI2 60

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Metallic doors  Model Lex reversible meter doors fire doors, rf, ei 60. Andreu doors

It has a fire resistance of 60 minutes. They have its reversibility as a main feature.

62mm thick leaf, constructed of two 0.7mm thick galvanized steel sheets with anti-finger protection, assembled together without welding. Cam lock with triangle key, centered on the leaf.

It mounts two 3mm thick galvanized steel own design hinges, with CE marking, and an anti-crow bar bolt among them. CS5 corner frame closed on all 4 sides.


  • Anti-finger


  • PRE BL-A

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  • PRE GR-A

    :PRE GR-A

  • Chestnut


  • Rustic Oak

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  • Stainless Steel

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