Turia Meter Door EI260 Single Leaf

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1 or 2 Leaf Meter Door EI2 30-60-90-120 C5.

Turia Meter Door is manufactured in a single and double leaf and is the one that offers bigger manufacturing possibilities and resistances.

63mm thickness leaf for EI2 30, 60 and 90, is built with 2 steel plates with 0.8mm thick anti-finger protection and assembled without welding. For the EI2 120 classification, the leaf is constructed by adding an additional piece called "double case", that gives the leaf a total thickness of 74mm.

It incorporates CF50, Fire door lock, nylon shield and cylinder with a key, which allows the assembly of all kinds of optional lever handles.

The number of hinges depends on the dimensions, at least 2 units, in a CS5 corner frame closed on all 4 sides.


  • Anti-finger


  • PRE BL-A

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  • PRE GR-A

    :PRE GR-A

  • Chestnut


  • Rustic Oak

    :Rustic Oak

  • Stainless Steel

    :Stainless Steel

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