Sigma Single Leaf COBO EI2 90

Fire rated doors with Hidden hinges and Hidden Doorcloser

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Paneled Fire door with EI2 90 classification.

Fire door coated with a 0.7mm High Pressure Laminate panel that gives it a customised finish combined with great abrasion, scratch and impact resistance. It requires little maintenance and achieves fire classification up to EI2 90.

It has a wide range of smooth finishes, wood imitation and abstract designs, as well as the possibility to customize the design of the panel, keeping the properties of laminates intact.

The panels are stuck to the leaf made up of two 0.8mm thick sheets and assembled without welding. The set is completed with a stainless steel or RAL painted perimeter profile. The total thickness of the leaf is 72mm.

CS5 painted corner frame or stainless steel CS65. It is equipped with at least 3 own design hinges bearing CE marking, colour-painted or stainless steel.


  • RAL frame

    RAL frame

  • Stainless steel frame

    Stainless steel frame

  • Formica Laminate Sheet

    Formica Laminate Sheet