Smart pre-lacquered white Andreu 1 leaf

Multipurpose hinged doors standard

puerta metalica batiente multiusos smart  andreu
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Multipurpose reversible door

New multipurpose reversible door.

Single leaf metal door, with or without ventilation and in standard size. Ideal to adapt to any type of opening. Designed to make it easy to change the opening hand.

38mm thick sheet, built with two 0.5mm thick galvanized steel sheets. Available with CS4 type corner frame. The set has two 2.5mm thick steel hinges.

Reversible lock and black nylon Smart model handle.

It is a multipurpose door that is used mainly for storage rooms, warehouses, transitory doors, containers, garbage areas, construction sheds, etc.


  • Galvanized


  • Pre-lacquered BL-A

    Pre-lacquered BL-A