Andreu Barberá participates on February 28 in the International Day of Automatic Doors


As part of FIPA 2019, the 28th of February following the International Day of Automatic Doors will be held at the Valencia Fair Events Centre. This event is organized by APA, the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Automatic Doors, FIPA, International Fair of Automatic Doors, and the Fair of Valencia. The day is entitled "From professionalization to incentivization of the Automatic Doors sector", presents itself as foretaste of the 3rd ICAD, International Congress Automatic Doors, which will be celebrated in Indianapolis, USA, on the following 12 March as part of IDA EXPO.

Andreu, besides being present showing his novelties at stand D46, will participate actively in this Conference. José Vicente Andreu, Coordinator of the Committee of Doors of Tecnifuego-Aespi, President of APA and President of FIPA, will lead the day linking the various talks, which will begin with the intervention of Kevin Pettiette, President of IDA, International Door Association.

We invite you to register for the day through the following link: