Andreu Barbera sponsor of the CTE-DB-SI Course at COAM


On June the 14th, Andreu participated in the course taught at the Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) about "The project and the security regarding fire safety (CTE-DB-SI)", as a sponsor granting three students.

The Director of the course, Mr. José Luis Posada Escobar, Retired Technician from the Ministry of Housing, introduced Mr. José Vicente Andreu and Mr. Juan Vicente Alamá, who had the opportunity to explain the compliance of Andreu's fire-rated doors with the regulations and the essential requirements that the current legal regulations request.

The course focused on informing students about the parameters that needs to be followed when creating a project of a building, in compliance with the regulations and comments of the Building Regulations published by the Ministry of Public Works; and to respond to possible doubts that they had on the fire doors.