Andreu participate in the technical conference Fire Doors CE Marking in Bellatera, Barcelona


Next November the standard EN 16034 will be official. It defines the requirements for CE marking of fire doors and smoke control. José Vicente Andreu, coordinator of the Sectorial Committee Fire doors TECNIFUEGO-AESPI will participate as speaker in this technical conference. His presentation will focus on the specific requirements of installation, use and maintenance of Fire doors established in UNE 23740-1: 2016.

Andreu will participate in more technical seminars throughout the month of November. The 1st of November will begins the coexistence period for CE marking of fire doors according to EN 16034. During this period, 3-year, door manufacturers and entities related to construction have to adapt to this new standard, so that from November 2019, all fire doors to be installed in the European Union should be CE-marked in compliance with Regulation of Construction Products.

We invite you to register for the conference via the following link: