Andreu smoke kit to reach smoke control performance


The european Standard UNE-EN 1634-3 sets the smoke control test for doors. The smoke control doors are currently mandatory only in United Kingdom, Poland and Luxembourg. However, in more and more projets, this requirement is included.

The Standard sets 2 types of smoke control:

1. Sa or cold smoke. It controls the flow of smoke passing through the door in a ambient temperature.

2. Sm or S200 or hot smoke. It measures the flow of smoke heated up the door to 200ºC

Andreu has a smoke control kit for the whole range of TURIA, which allows to add to EI2tt-C5 performance, Sa or Sm/S200 performances depending on the type of kit.

Andreu smoke control kits combine up to 4 types of seals from different compositions (PVC, polyvinylm polyurethane, graphite and EPDM), easy to install with the purpose of achieving Sa or Sm/S200 smoke control performance according to EN 1634-3.

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