Andreu, Sponsor of Spanish Architecture and Urban Planning Awards


Last May it was held Spanish Architecture and Urban Planning Awards ceremony, given by Council of the Architectural Colleges in Spain to recognize the architectural and urban excellence. Andreu has collaborated in sponsorship of these awards.

The winners were The Museum of Royal Collections, and Palma Convention Centre and Hotel, with 2017 Spanish Architecture ex-aequo Award. And PTE Plan (undeveloped land in Asturias coast, and Protection and Rehabilitation Plan in Liérganes, Spanish Urban Planning Award, in its first edition.

The ceremony took place in Wanda Metropolitano, brand new Stadium of Atlético de Madrid, with Mr Íñigo de la Serna (Minister of Development), Mr Antonio Aguilar Mediavilla (Head of Architecture and Housing dpt) and Mayoress of Madrid (Ms Manuela Carmena), among other distinguished persons.

For this event the choice of the scene was not accidental: the recently inaugurated coliseum, as symbolic and representative building, stands out for its architectural values of excellence, quality and habitability.

For the refurbishment of the old Peineta Stadium Andreu embraced the challenge of designing and manufacturing over 1500 fire-rated doors aiming to achieve an adapted solution to the uniqueness of the project, with great deal of effort and commitment.

On the occasion an exhibition of the refurbishment works was also organized by Cruz y Ortiz, architectural studio that signs the demanding project, in which Andreu was specially involved.