New Products and C.T.E. Approvals


As it is our permanent goal to offer our clients new products and solutions that meet both the new building requirements as well as the current regulations, Andreu has made a significant exertion on Research & Development that has been awarded with the Essay Certification as per the rule UNE-EN 1634-1:2000 in products such as:
* TURIA EI2 60 C5 Doorsets, single & double leaf, installed on flexible plasterboard foot-wall by using a sub-frame.
* TURIA EI2 60 C5 Doorset single leaf, installed on solid brick-wall by using a Sub-frame.
* TURIA EI2 60 C5 Doorset single leaf with Top Panel.
* TURIA EI2 90 C5 Doorset single leaf with approved Fire Rated Louvers.
* TURIA Doorsets from EI2 30 C5 through EI2 120 C5 single and double leaf made of Stainless Steel.